About me

Im a Graphic Designer, and a self taught 3dartist, i start studying 3d in 2005 and later that give me a work as 3d director in GrupoW , an interactive agency in Mexico, wining several awards, like Cannes Cyberlions, NY Festival, FITC ,One show, London Festival.

Later Co-Founder of D10Studio a studio with a lot of specialists in specific areas as Design, 3d, motion graphics and web programmers.

As individual Goals, I won the 3d world championship at the Cut&paste 2010, my job was published in some digital art books, like Expose, Digital art masters, magazines like, 3d world cg-node, cgarena, 3dcreative and 3dartist. publications in web galleries and blogs, awards in 3dtotal gallery , cgchoice award, raph3d, dope awards. and of course, wining the Mexico Cut&paste in 3d category.

I wrote tutorials, for 3dtotal, 3dtutorials, 3dartist magazine, gomotion.

I'm a person who loves art, i have a lot of fun here in work, and i can share my time between professional jobs and personal projects.


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